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ADEW Certification FAQ

This section answers some of the frequently asked questions related to the Adobe Developer Enablement Workshops (ADEW), leading to ADEW Level 1 Certification, to be held at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2011 on the 29th of July 2011.

I already have an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) up my sleeve. How is ADEW useful for me?

An ACE is a person who has demonstrated a professional level in proficiency with one or more Adobe software products. In contrast, the ADEW is targeted to certify developers on specific areas of expertise. These can range from areas as specific as the method of profiling Flex applications to using MVC frameworks. As a result, the ADEW workshops will be organized more often, as and when Adobe wants to create deeper knowledge for specific areas. What this means is that even if you are ACE certified with one or more Adobe software products, ADEW will help you keep abreast with new developments or delve into areas that were not specifically covered by ACE.

I am already ACE certified, is the ADEW an upgrade?

ADEW is complementary to ACE. ACE certified professionals will find value in ADEW because it will certify professional expertise on newer, more specific areas. There is no hierarchical relationship between ACE and ADEW. Over time, Adobe may choose to consolidate some of the topics covered in ADEW to create an ACE certification, but there are no immediate plans for this.

Why should I pay for a workshop when I am already ACE certified?

As mentioned previously, ADEW is complementary to ACE. In addition to that, ADEW is a workshop, and not just a certificate. It is delivered by experienced and talented presenters who have deep knowledge of the subject. Each ADEW instructor is a well known and respected figure in the Flex and Enterprise application spheres. They include the likes of Duane Nickull, Deepa Subramaniam, Mayank Kumar, Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan, Harish Sivaramakrishnan, and so on. More

I am considering a certification, should I pay for ACE or ADEW?

As both of these are complementary, you should consider choosing both. ACE is the certification that defines your expertise in a product, while ADEW focuses on building your expertise in using the products for specific scenarios OR specific solution areas that need usage and expertise spanning multiple products.

On completion of ADEW how do I get ACE certified?

ADEW provides insights into using products for specific scenarios OR specific solution areas that need usage and expertise spanning multiple products. Once you complete one or more of ADEW workshops, you can choose to also get ACE certified in products that were covered in ADEW. As described above, these are complementary.

How do I get certified for Level 2 and Level 3. I don't see any roadmap

Adobe is rolling out the ADEW workshops for the first time at AFPS 2011. This is an inaugural launch with 6 different workshops being organized. As this is an inaugural launch, we plan to organize Level 1 workshops only, as Level 2 and Level 3 workshops are likely to have Level 1 workshops as pre-requisites. Progressively, Adobe will roll out Level 2 and Level 3 workshops, in addition to other Level 1 workshops. The availability of these will be announced through standard Adobe channels.

How will the ADEW Workshops be delivered? What about Software pre-requisites and should I carry my own laptop?

ADEW content will be delivered by an inspirational technologist who can explain the importance and relevance of a technology or concept, explain how it is relevant and fits into various industry scenarios. Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) - attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptop. You will be provided with software, or instructions to obtain software as appropriate. Software provided for the workshop may be valid for the period of the workshop only. Attendees may choose to attend the workshop without a laptop also.

What are the ADEW Workshops that are being covered under ADEW - Level at AFPS 2011?

Please look up for more information.

Now that I have the entire scoop on the ADEW Workshops, can you tell me what the criteria are for Certification?

Broadly there are three criteria's for awarding the ADEW Level 1 certificate:

  • Successful attendance of Workshop for entire duration on July 29th at AFPS 2011.
  • Active participation during workshop
  • There may be a quiz at the end of the workshop that the attendee will have to successfully complete

Certificates will be provided to all attendees who meet the above criteria at the end of the ADEW Workshop day 1800 Hrs, 29th July 2011.

Great, I would like to sign up for the ADEW Level 1 Certification. What are the steps?

You should register online: to participate at the ADEW Workshops. We encourage you to purchase a Golden pass with access to the Full Conference days (June 27th & 28th), including the ADEW Workshop on the 29th of June as this translates to a complete experience as well as great savings!

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Ashish VashishtAshish VashishtBuilding High Performance Data Oriented Applications with LC Data Services
Renaun EricksonRenaun EricksonBecome a Mobile Guru in the Multiscreen World
Harish SivaramakrishnanHarish SivaramakrishnanBuilding Multi-platform Enterprise Mobile Apps - a Case Study
Immanuel NoelImmanuel NoelBuilding P2P Apps for Mobile Devices
Yash ModyYash ModyCatch 22: Flex Application
Duane NickullDuane NickullCEM: An Architect's Perspective
Sujit Reddy GurralaSujit Reddy GurralaCreate intuitive, contextual workspaces for better decision making with LiveCycle Mosaic
Hemanth SharmaHemanth SharmaDesign First Approach - UI/UX for world domination
Bhavin K. PadhiyarBhavin K. PadhiyarDeveloping Enterprise Application Flex/Flash with Parsley/Swiz/Robotlegs(IOC)
Rakshit NRakshit NDeveloping flex mobile apps using ColdFusion as backend
Simmi SinghalSimmi SinghalFunctional Testing of Flex Apps
Sohil RupaniSohil RupaniFunctional Testing of Flex Apps
Deepa SubramaniamDeepa SubramaniamFlex 4.x - A Deep Dive
Amit BatraAmit BatraIntroduction to Adobe CEM Solutions - Concepts and Architectural patterns World
Balaji SridharBalaji SridharMaking Flex RIAs reliable, maintainable and structured through Unit Testing, Code Coverage and Refactoring
Anand GauravAnand GauravMaking Flex RIAs reliable, maintainable and structured through Unit Testing, Code Coverage and Refactoring
Prashant SinghPrashant SinghMigrating your Flash/Flex applications to PlayBook, Android and iOS devices
Mrinal WadhwaMrinal WadhwaMolehill: GPU acceleration in Flash Player
Sanjeev KumarSanjeev KumarQuick and easy server connectivity for RIAs with Adobe ColdFusion
Adam LehmanAdam LehmanQuick and easy server connectivity for RIAs with Adobe ColdFusion
Jacob SurberJacob SurberSkinning and Styling Flex applications
Uday M ShankarUday M ShankarThe Good, Bad & Ugly of UI Design
Hemanth SharmaHemanth SharmaTop AIR APIs to Bring your Mobile Apps to Life
Anirudh SasikumarAnirudh SasikumarTurbocharge your Flex Apps for the Web and Mobile Devices
Silas Norbu LepchaSilas Norbu LepchaWhat does Adobe have for HTML5 development
Suresh Reddy GSuresh Reddy GWhat does Adobe have for HTML5 development
Adam LehmanAdam LehmanWhat's New in FlashBuilder 4.5
Sreenivas RamaswamySreenivas RamaswamyUnleash your productivity with Flash Builder 4.5
Brijesh PatelBrijesh PatelPackaging and distributing your AIR apps for PlayBook, Android and iOS devices
Shreyas LokkurShreyas LokkurPackaging and distributing your AIR apps for PlayBook, Android and iOS devices
Varun BhatiaVarun BhatiarGet your Flash / AIR apps onto iOS
Rajorshi Ghosh ChoudhuryRajorshi Ghosh ChoudhuryBuilding mobile apps with native capabilities in Flash & AIR
Syed Mohd MehadiSyed Mohd MehadiBuilding mobile apps with native capabilities in Flash & AIR
Chittaranjan PanigrahiChittaranjan PanigrahiAutomating a business process in 40 minutes
Vamsi VutukuruVamsi VutukuruCustomer Experience Management: Turning customers into loyal advocates with Adobe Customer Experience Solutions
Kaushik MookerjeeKaushik Mookerjee"Enterprise RIA" is not an oxymoron - Presenting Hendrix
Dinesh YadavDinesh Yadav"Enterprise RIA" is not an oxymoron - Presenting Hendrix
Deepa SubramaniamDeepa SubramaniamDeep Dive into Flex 4.5
Duane NickullDuane NickullBuilding Rich Enterprise Applications with Adobe LiveCycle ES & Adobe Flex
Mayank KumarMayank KumarBest Practices for Engineering Enterprise Flex Applications
Anirudh SasikumarAnirudh SasikumarBest Practices for Engineering Enterprise Flex Applications
Alan WongAlan WongDeveloping for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™
Sujit Reddy GurralaSujit Reddy GurralaFramework-based Development for Flex Applications
Harish SivaramakrishnanHarish SivaramakrishnanProducing HTML5 and CSS3 Web Content with Adobe Tools
Ramesh SrinivasaraghavanRamesh SrinivasaraghavanProducing HTML5 and CSS3 Web Content with Adobe Tools
Greg DeMichillieGreg DeMichillieVisionary Keynote
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