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What the Delegates Said

"It is one of the best platform to learn new technologies, meet great people and improve or update oneself. I would call this event as Indian version of "Adobe Max". Great Job. Keep it up."
-Nirmal Bhogadi

"This is my first Adobe Summit, and I am excited to be part of it. The summit was healthy and good for my overall knowledge and product features. Got to learn many things about data management, OOPs, BCI and newest technologies - Catalyst, ColdFusion etc. Never expected them but all are cool :-)"
-Himanshu Buruah

"This is my first event. I missed all the past ones and here after I won't miss. You people are really rocking. Nice sessions. It feels like meeting ADOBE directly. All program and speakers are really technical and 200% useful for me. Overall experience 101/100."
-Kapil Dev

"AFPS 2010 was really wonderful platform for developers and designers. I personally had very good time and got lot of information on new technology and what, how and all about AIR, FC, FL. Thanks a lot for arranging such a summit. Hope to attend next one."

"A complete learning experience of two days spanned across technologies, food, organizing events, fun and funda. Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Anirudh Sasikumar and Prashanth Singh are my best speakers who had out effort in going into the minds of listeners. Got a good acquaintance with Flex and all Adobe related products like Catalyst, Illustrator, ColdFusion, AIR, Spark, LiveCycle Mosaic Es2. Adobe rocks and sustains."
-Dileep Reddy

"This edition of AFPS is far better than the last conference I attended. The features of this edition has really become big. So the overall experience is very exciting. The number of speakers, topics participated/discussed really excited me and it was very useful. The exposure I got related to the products of the Adobe was tremendous. Conference like this really encourages/motivates/teaches developers like us who use Adobe products."
-Arun Gandhi

"AFPS 2010 is an exfellent program for designers and developers. Speakers are experts in their field and provided informative, fantastic knowledge about technologies like Adobe Flash, Flex 4, CS5, Flash Builder. I gathered lots of technical knowledge from the speakers. Developed good, friendly relation with peers from other companies thorugh AFPS 2010. Overall I had a good experience in AFPS."
-Punitha Rangaraj

"It was a great experience attending the summit. The talks over various topics were interesting and implementable. The talks regarding mobile applications were outstanding and something which I would like to have hands-on; the Android Applications etc. Overall experience was the best!!"
-Nicole Cordeiro

"The program was cool and speaker Mark Doherty was superb. The food and beverages were tasty. The overall experience was superb and I want to be the part of the summit again."
-Sanjay Rakshit

"The overall experience was good as I came to know about some very cool technologies; Catalyst being one of them. The speakers were well prepared and very encouraging enough to prompt the atendees to ask questions. Besides everything it was a Fun + Learning" event."
-Anmol Gautam

"AFPS 2010 was really something more than what I expected. Attending the sessions of some of the 'greats' about whom I have only heard from so long was an awesome experience. Learnt lot of basics and insights in developing and designing. I also learnt new methods of developing Flash Applications."
-Rishabh Namdeo

" AFPS 2010 turned out to be very good technical feed for me. Lots of tips and tricks about Flash Platform. I like Harish and Prashanth Singh sessions very much. I learned to integrate Flex and PHP in quick and easy steps."
-Malvika Chaturvedi

"It was a great showcase of products. Good sneak-peak into what's lined up - really inspiring insights to RIA, specially the Brain Power session simply took me away from the current world of interaction between people and devices."

" I really liked the session Pixel Play by Mrinal and Flex & PHP by Prashanth. The Akamai session was also great. I was really astonished by the scalibility issuer they faced and how they tackled it. In all Adobe Dev Summit is really great. Looking forward to attend next year."
-Kapil Ratnani

"I didn't know much about Adobe except that it's the largest in world's dekstop publishing companies. But after attending the summit, it has changed everything and my perspective of Adobe. It has a share in all types of IT software. Be it PDF, Flash or graphics. Also the speakers were very informative and knowledgable. Everything was neatly organized. How Adobe nurtures young talent is wondereful! Keep it going Adobe."

"This is an excellent opportunity to learn about new technologies and tools and a wonderful platform for sharing knowledge of upcoming products and its efficiency. This time I was really excited with sessions taken by the experts like Mark, Harish, Ramesh, Ben etc. To be frank when it all got over I really found it amazing and truly informative."
-Tapas Maharana

"It was wonderful and fantastic to meet experts on stage. I had heard a lot about Ben Forta. It was very nice to see him and interact with him. The program provided good space to interact with speakers. All the speakerss were very co-operative and open minded to solve our doubts. Thanks for the opprtunity given to meet this experts."

"Overall experience at AFPS 2010 is awesome!! Great experience, great people, great talk by Ramesh, Dr Girish, Harish, Mark. I learned several new features techniques, tricks and technologies. I will definately present it to my Jaipur User Group."
-Vishal Shukla

"It's a very big seminar in India. I like it very much, and food was also very nice. The speakers spoke very nicely and we understood much more better. Totally, this is the most successful seminar from Adobe."
-Harish Kumal

"Very good experience and met Adobe family. Had many technical discussion, good contacts, learnt many approaches in building Flash Builder application, mobile application development, Web application UI designing etc. Some things very cool. Awaiting for the new releases of 'HERO'."

"It is a great program. Excellent speakers and excellent sessions conducted. I got to learn lots of stuff and I can say it was awesome. I was so much unaware of what all we can do with Flash 4 and its performance/experience which is far better than that of older versions of the same. Overall it was a wonderful knowledge sharing experience for me."
-Rashmi Hiregowd

"The program was a very rich and learning experience. Got to know about the technical aspects of the some of the existing features. Also got to know what is coming next. The speakers were good at what they delivered."
-Avinash Kumar

"The overall experience was very good. I particularly enjoyed the concept of explanation followed by code demos throughout. The information shared on Flash Builder4 was extrememy useful and thoroughly met my need as a developer. I would particularly like to express my gratitude to Deepa and Yash for their excellent sessions."
-Anand Sethuraman

"AFPS 2010 is very well done and organized. The speakers, topics and venue are really good. I really enjoyed it. Next time I expect lot more topics and more interesting info and looking forward for it."
-Ravi Kumar

"Program was excellent. Speakers carried out well. All the sessions I attended I came to know the various Adobe Applications that can be used as a marketing tool and about the new products."
-Chandan Kulkarni

"Overall the summit was good. For me sessions about why move from Flex3 to Flex4, performance tips and tricks, profiler tips and tricks were most useful. It was a great experience to attend the session of Deepa Subramaniam."

"The speakers gave us tips based on their first hand experiences and showed us a lot of examples of design and interfaces. Many forms of technology and new development were eye openers."
-Divya Menon

"Well managed. Will be back for the next summit."
-Hari Krishna

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