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Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2011

AFPS 2011 Speaker Slides

All available presentation slides are ready for download from this page. This page will be updated with more presentations as and when speakers provide new decks. (Please note some speakers choose not to share their presentations.)

Ben Forta

Adobe Keynote

Speaker: Ben Forta
download presentation [PDF]

In the opening keynote at AFPS 2011, Ben Forta detailed Adobe's vision and work in creating digital experiences. Other speakers who were part of this keynote included Greg DeMichillie (Director, Product Manager for Platform Tools at Adobe), Deepa Subramaniam (Product Manager on Adobe's Flex team), Annie Mathew (Head of Alliances & Developer Relations for RIM India), Swathi Ramanathan (Co-founder of Janaagraha), Phanindra Sama (CEO of redbus), Debashish Chakraborty (CTO and Co-founder of Perfios), Raghavan Gurumurthy (Senior Engineering Manager of Adobe India) and Silas Norbu Lepcha (Quality Engineer with Adobe's Dreamweaver team in Bangalore).

Anirudh Sasikumar

Best Practices for Engineering Enterprise Flex Applications

Speaker: Anirudh Sasikumar
download presentation [PDF]

As enterprises use Flex applications increasingly for both internal applications as well as to reach out to their customers, these applications have become critical to the success of businesses. This implies that the applications should be not only be useful & intuitive, but also be high performance, maintainable, and flexible to be able to react to changing demands. In this workshop you will learn how to architect and optimize large-scale enterprise applications in Flex. This workshop delves into best practices to improve modularity and performance of Flex applications. This includes methods of organizing code for large projects, exploring the framework's module and RSL capabilities. You will and also learn how to leverage Adobe developer tools, like the sophisticated Flash Builder 4.5 Profiler, to investigate and isolate performance and memory bottlenecks. Additionally you will be exposed to tools like Flex PMD that can further assist with building enterprise grade applications.

Ashish Vashisht

Building High Performance Data Oriented Applications with LC Data Services

Speaker:Ashish Vashisht
download presentation [PDF]

This session talks about how you can build high performance and real time response rich experiences with the help of Data Services. This talk will cover: LCDS - The Basics and features (includes features of the latest release of LCDS); Using Data Services to store data in CRX instead of typical Database. We will show how to do this by creating such an app on stage, using Fiber and our plugin for Flash Builder; Multi-Client - Using LCDS with different types of clients like iOS, Android and HTML5/JS based clients.

Rajorshi Ghosh ChoudhurySyed Mohd Mehadi

Building Mobile Apps with Native Capabilities in Flash & AIR

Speakers:Rajorshi Ghosh Choudhury, Syed Mohd Mehadi
download presentation [PDF]

Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that allows content developers to build rich Internet applications (RIAs). The developers can deploy the RIAs to the desktop, mobile devices, and digital home devices. Adobe AIR 2.5 introduced a new feature called native extensions, which enables the addition of third-party, native-code backed ActionScript APIs to AIR applications. These extensions may be bundled either with the device on which the application runs or with the application, depending on the target device. Native extensions also operate at authoring time, where they provide time information to assist with development. A native code implementation provides access to device-specific features. These device-specific features are not available in the built-in ActionScript classes, and are not possible to implement in application-specific ActionScript classes. The native code implementation can provide such functionality because it has access to device-specific hardware and software. A native code implementation can sometimes be faster than an implementation that uses only ActionScript. Also, a native code implementation allows you to reuse existing code. This session would cover the details of Native Extensions Support, and the development workflow to make use of them on various devices and platforms.

Immanuel Noel

Building P2P Apps for Mobile Devices

Speaker: Immanuel Noel
download presentation [PDF]

This session is an insight into the Peer-To-Peer capabilities of AIR for Mobile. Bring about a better user experience and improve efficiency with your apps communicating with each other over the RTMFP protocol, without the need for a server. Take advantage of this capability supported across Playbook, Android and iOS devices, Cloud Sourcing information across varied platforms. Understand Peers, Multicasts, Groups, Directed Routing, et al. The session gives you a kick start in creating Video Chat apps, Multi-Player Games, Data sharing apps and more.

Yash Mody

Catch 22: Flex Application

Speaker: Yash Mody
download presentation [PDF]

While developing Flex applications one advantage that everyone wants to explore is the ubiquitous deployment. So what does it take to make the application work across. The session looks at common strategies to developing reusable libraries of calls and common pitfalls in development techniques or approaches that lead to road blocks in developing flex applications along with.

Vamsi Vutukuru

Customer Experience Management: Turning customers into loyal advocates with Adobe Customer Experience Solutions

Speaker: Vamsi Vutukuru
download presentation [PDF]

The goal of customer experience management (CEM) is to move customers from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate. Adobe Customer Experience Solutions enable enterprises to create, manage, and deliver high-impact, personalized interactions that captivate customers, deepen relationships, and extend brand value across digital channels. Through a series of demos we will showcase how enterprises can track and optimize the user experience across various touch points to enhance acquisition, reduce churn and encourage brand loyalty by: Delivering personalized customer centric experiences and targeted offerings, Using customer context to present the right content, at the right opportunity, Multi-channel publishing to provide a consistent experience across multiple channels, Connecting the web, mobile and social presence of customers, and Measurement and optimization of the customer engagement and experience.

Rakshit N

Developing Flex Mobile Apps using ColdFusion as Backend

Speaker: Rakshit N
download presentation [PDF]

Learn how flex mobile apps can talk to ColdFusion backend to build rich internet apps targeted for mobile platforms. This session covers how rapidly and easily applications can be developed with ColdFusion as a backend for Flex UI. Also learn to build the apps quickly with auto model (CFC) generation from Flash builder using the DCD(Data Centric Development) feature.

Simmi SinghalSohil Rupani

Functional Testing of Flex Apps

Speakers:Simmi Singhal, Sohil Rupani
download presentation [PDF]

RIATest is a GUI automation tool for Flex Applications. It integrates seamlessly with Continuous Integration systems. Using RIATest you can effectively perform regression testing which is otherwise not possible in manual testing. RIATest is not just a "Record and Play" tool to create automation scripts. It also helps to inspect and identify flex components easily which are not visible to other automation tools (like FlexMonkey, SeleniumIDE). Its code completion functionality helps to write the test scripts easily. It also supports database integration to perform SQL validations. Further using CI and RIATest you can generate HTML reports of the RIATest scripts. The HTML report gives a clean view of the scripts ran. This session is aimed at users who would like to start using Automation framework for testing Flex Applications. This session of RIATest targets the following topics: Integrating RIATest with your application, Basic Features of RIATest, Integrating RIATest to database for validations, Automating Flex Custom Components, and Tips and Tricks.

Varun Bhatia

Get your Flash / AIR apps onto iOS

Speaker:Varun Bhatia
download presentation [PDF]

A big part of what makes Apple iOS such a great mobile platform is its user interface. Whether you are developing natively or with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, users of iOS devices expect you-the application developer-to make your application fit in with the existing iOS experience. This session is to discuss all the iOS specific areas which you should keep in mind while developing an AIR application. Some of them have been listed down below: Modes - Interpreter vs AOT, How to take care of different device families, How to take care of high resolutions - Retina Display, Other iOS specific things - Orientation, Default launch image etc., and Flex support for iOS.

Amit Batra

Introduction to Adobe CEM Solutions - Concepts and Architectural patterns World

Speaker:Amit Batra
download presentation [PDF]

This session covers the basics of Adobe CEM Solutions, present an architectural overview, and cover the process of extending and customizing the Solutions by Adobe Partners for their customers. It will also involve a brief overview of some existing CEM Solutions offered by Adobe, and also touch upon the Consulting, Ramp-up and Support offerings by Adobe in this area.

Balaji SridharAnand Gaurav

Making Flex RIAs Reliable, Maintainable and Structured through Unit Testing, Code Coverage and Refactoring

Speakers:Balaji Sridhar, Anand Gaurav
download presentation [PDF]

As Flex becomes popular as a platform of choice for enterprise applications, it is important to ensure enterprise development best practices are used for Flex development as well. This session outlines the need for Unit testing, Code coverage and refactoring in the life-cycle of RIA development using Flex so as to make the product more reliable, maintainable and structured. The talk would also introduce some Adobe recommended tools that would help with unit testing, code coverage and refactoring.

Himanshu Mody

Over 10 years with Flash as an Entrepreneur

Speaker:Himanshu Mody
download presentation [PDF]

This talk covers the speaker's experiences as an enterpreneur with Flash across 10 years, including finding his first employee, Macromedia's support, shutting down the company during the downturn in 2003, and using the boom that came thereafter to prepare for the next recession and so on.

Brijesh PatelShreyas Lokkur

Packaging and distributing your AIR apps for PlayBook, Android and iOS devices

Speakers:Brijesh Patel, Shreyas Lokkur
download presentation [PDF]

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 enables developers to write applications in the same IDE and the same programming languages, MXML & ActionScript, for Android, Playbook, iPhone and the iPad. Though the code for all these applications will be in MXML and/or AS3, each of these platforms have their own mechanisms of preparing the application for deployment - for e.g. in Android you need to specify which of the device resources you need to use and the user needs to accept that before install. Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 simplifies this entire workflow for all the aforementioned platforms and provides easy to understand wizards to enable them. In this session you will learn how to prepare a Flex/AIR application for final customer deployment for each of the mobile platforms that AIR supports.

Shreyas Lokkur

Packaging and distributing your AIR apps for PlayBook, Android and iOS devices

Speaker:Shreyas Lokkur
download presentation [PDF]

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 enables developers to write applications in the same IDE and the same programming languages, MXML & ActionScript, for Android, Playbook, iPhone and the iPad. Though the code for all these applications will be in MXML and/or AS3, each of these platforms have their own mechanisms of preparing the application for deployment - for e.g. in Android you need to specify which of the device resources you need to use and the user needs to accept that before install. Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 simplifies this entire workflow for all the aforementioned platforms and provides easy to understand wizards to enable them. In this session you will learn how to prepare a Flex/AIR application for final customer deployment for each of the mobile platforms that AIR supports.

Adam LehmanSanjeev Kumar

Quick and Easy Server Connectivity for RIAs with Adobe ColdFusion

Speakers:Adam Lehman, Sanjeev Kumar
download presentation [PDF]

ColdFusion provides array of services like ORM, PDF manipulation, Mail, Exchange integration, Caching, Imaging etc which makes it ideal backend for rapid application development for Flash/mobile development. It also acts as middleware which can talk to heterogeneous technologies like Java, .Net, Corba etc transparently. This session will describe current state of ColdFusion and how it continue to deliver on the message of "making hard things easy" combined with adoption of new technology trends - Ajax & flash platform and now HTML5 & mobile.

Uday M Shankar

The Good, Bad & Ugly of UI Design

Speaker:Uday M Shankar
download presentation [PDF]

With great power comes great responsibility. This dialog from Spiderman holds true in the context of what developers can do to UI/FE today with the power of RIA technologies like Flex/Air. The User Interface or the Front End realm has been ever evolving. With each step that technology takes towards sexier and delightful experiences, the challenges to create simplistic good user interface experiences seem to be growing exponentially. This session will start by covering the basics of good and bad design experiences and cover how important it is to understand good design principles in the context of RIA technologies like Flex/Air.

Anirudh Sasikumar

Turbocharge your Flex Apps for the Web and Mobile Devices

Speaker:Anirudh Sasikumar
download presentation [PDF]

Adobe Flex and Flash Builder enable developers to write applications for the web, the desktop and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and the Playbook using a common programming language and code infrastructure. However, writing applications for resource constrained devices requires some performance tuning. While the Flex mobile framework abstracts out most of this complexity, there are several measures that a developer can take to ensure the application performance on the mobile devices is as good as it can get. Additionally, web applications also need to be made as lean as possible to ensure high response and fidelity. Anirudh will provide several methods that explain how a Flex and AS3 developer can optimize his/her application for high performance, both for the web as well as for devices.

Sreenivas Ramaswamy

Unleash your Productivity with Flash Builder 4.5

Speaker:Sreenivas Ramaswamy
download presentation [PDF]

Flash Builder 4.5 accelerates coding and testing of Flex and ActionScript projects using extensive new and improved tooling features. In this session, Sreenivas dives into these productivity features and explains, with live demos, each of these features. Additionally, Sreenivas will explain several tips on how to make your Flex and Actionscript development easier to manage and quicker.

Silas Norbu LepchaSuresh Reddy G

What does Adobe have for HTML5 Development

Speakers: Silas Norbu Lepcha, Suresh Reddy G
download presentation [PDF]

This session will describe how you can design and build cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 websites. HTML5 and CSS3 enable you to add new levels of interactivity and experiences to your HTML pages and this session will guide you on how to get this done easily and with the right fidelity using Adobe software like Dreamweaver which is the leader in HTML tooling worldwide. This session will also show you how to design for multiple devices concurrently, build and package native apps (based on HTML) for Android™ and iOS. This session will also socialize additions to the W3C CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) modules porposed by Adobe.

Adam Lehman

What's New in FlashBuilder 4.5

Speaker: Adam Lehman
download presentation [PDF]

Flash Builder 4.5 is the latest release from the Adobe stables. Flash Builder 4.5 introduces several new features that make it the tool of choice for rich web and mobile application development. Flash Builder 4.5 introduces the ability to program in Flex and AS for iOS, Android and Playbook, several productivity features, ability to roundtrip with Flash Catalyst and also an all new integration with Zend Studio for PHP development. In this session, Product Managers Adam Lehman and Jacob Surber take you through the compelling new features and the exciting possibilities they enable.

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attendees loved it heading

"AFPS 2011 was a step ahead with the addition of workshops that help developer know real-time coding."- Pranam Mohanty

"Excellent platform for professionals, experts and managers to come together. Looking forward to next year. Would love to hear about Rite Catalyst in 2012."- Anand Nerkar

"Well organized, the technical speakers provided new product information. I learnt new tips and technology, new tools. I am positive of using Flex to develop apps."- Ramchandra Pujari

"I am really thankful to the organizer. AFPS excited me to push the boundaries of my capability."- Rajnish Kumar

"At times I felt a bit lost listening about technologies I had not worked on. But at the end of the session I was glad I could learn something new. HTML, Flash & CSS sessions bundled together was what I liked the most."- Nitin HP

"AFPS provided a good platform to learn current Adobe technologies and products, and tips and tricks in UI/UX development. Uday, Harish, Ramesh and Deepa delivered rich, informative talks."- Arun Varghese

"I got an insight into new Adobe products and how it can be used for mobile apps. The summit initiated me into Flex development. Thanks to everyone who worked on AFPS."- Aravindhan Nandhakumar

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