Presentation Files Download the previous years' presentation files:

Presentation FilesDownload previous years' presentation files:


Keynote: Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Financial Markets

Apache Spark - The Future of Map Reduce

Predictive Text Analysis using Machine Learing and R

Apache Apex and Real-Time Big Data Analytics

Case Study: Realtime Analytics with Druid

MySQL - What Is New

Big Data Processing Simplified with Apache Falcon

Analyzing BigData with Machine Learning and Hadoop Clusters

Applying Regression Techniques for Predictive Analytics

Operationalize Big Data-As-A-Service (BDaaS)

Real-time Fuzzy Matching with Spark and Elastic Search

Introduction to Apache Cassandra

Solving Analytical Problems using Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, and DataStax

Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark Streaming for Real time Analytics

Cassandra Data Modeling Strategies

Monetization Using Data Lake

Blueprints for a Service Oriented System on Mesos/Marathon

Large-Scale Machine Learning Applications in E-commerce

Garbage in, Garbage out - Dealing with Data Quality in Big Data Systems & Analytics

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