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Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal Kumar is a "Technical Evangelist" at Microsoft Corporation, India. He mainly works on for Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms and focusses on apps and game development. Prior to this he worked as Partner Consultant and development platforms Worldwide Specialization Lead at Microsoft. He has over 9.5 years of industry experience and he has been with Microsoft for 6.5+ years. In the past he has extensively worked on C++, C#, Windows Azure, Windows Internals, Robotics Studio, game development and image processing. In the current role, he works with business startups, enterprises and partner organizations and assist them in adoption of latest platform and technologies.

Wriju Ghosh

Wriju Ghosh works in Microsoft as Lead Partner Consultant with 12+ years of industry experience. He works with Microsoft Partners to help them develop cutting edge applications using Microsoft products. He mainly works on Visual Studio .NET, Team Foundation Server, Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Windows Store Apps. Wriju's Blog can be found at and he is a Channel9 podcaster at Contact Wriju via twitter @wriju_ghosh.

Windows Phone 8 New Features and Tips & Tricks for Developers

60 mins | GIDS.NET | Session

WP8 brings in host of new capabilities for developers to exploit and include in their existing apps as well as opens up entirely new scenarios. In this session we will tackle some of these new features like background location tracking, lock screen wall papers, voice commands, reading SD cards etc. and how they can be leveraged to light up your apps on WP8.