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With its release trains adding more wagons, project teams and source code lines each year, Eclipse is truly on a roll bringing in to its fold several developer communities including Java EE developers, PHP developers, C/C++ developers and more. One of the largest user bases for Eclipse in the world, the Indian ecosystem of software/tool developers and technology companies are benefitting from quick time to market and standardised user experiences by building their tools using Eclipse technology. Eclipse India Summit, Asia's largest Eclipse-only show, features intensive talks on all you need to know as a developer using Eclipse-based tools and technologies.

EIS broadly features sessions and workshops spread across the four tracks: OSGi Development, Product Development & Essentials, Modeling Techniques and eDevelopment. Make your presence felt, propagate your leadership message and attract attention that matters at EIS. If your marketing strategy involves selling value, agility, openness and user empowerment, come to the show where every attendee is in search of just that. The qualified, professional audience you'll find will help you build your business and meet your goals. Please join the mailing list for summit updates.

OSGi Development

  • Working with OSGi
  • Next gen OSGi Shells
  • Eclipse Enterprise Modules 'Gemini'
  • Enterprise OSGi with Apache Aries
  • JPA in OSGi
  • OSGi for Java EE Devs

Product Development Essentials

  • Plug-in Development Environment (PDE)
  • Eclipse RT
    • Equinox
    • Rich Ajax Platform (RAP)
    • Jetty
    • EclipseLink
  • Rich Client Platform (RCP)

Modeling Techniques

  • EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • GMF - Graphical Modeling Framework
  • ECF - Eclipse Communication Framework
  • GEF - Graphical Editing Framework
  • M2M Model-to-Model Transformation
  • EMFT Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology
  • Extending Visual Editor


  • eRCP - Embedded RCP
  • CDT - C/C++ Development Tooling
  • BIRT- Business Intelligence Reporting Tool
  • TPTP - Testing and Profiling Tools Platform
  • WTP - Web Tools Platform
  • DTP - Data Tools Platform
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