"The first India Game Developer Summit was more successful than I could have hoped. Saltmarch's flawless execution, combined with the energy and enthusiasm of the attendees, made an ideal launch platform for the nascent Indian game scene. I look forward to seeing IGDS grow, as India fulfills its destiny and potential in video games."

- Rev Lebaredian, Director of Engineering, NVIDIA.


"Well organized with all facilities and friendly assistance for the speakers. Informative sessions with vast topics for everyone. It was a treat to a geek!"

- Hemanth Sharma, Flash Mobile Engineering Team, Adobe Systems Inc.


- Carl Jones, Director of Global Business Development for CryENGINE, Crytek


Awsomeness is Awsomeness. Saltmarch Media did a great job. It was very informative. and if you are into gaming and would love to understand the business aspect of it I'm sure you would had loved it too. I heard Saltmarch would be bringing together another event that's much bigger and for the hard core developer. Can't wait for that to happen. I will be booking in advance.

- Nitin Arvind


- IGDS 2010 (Lite Ed.) Attendee


"A Game-Changing Session: The India Game Developer Summit 2010, organised by Salt March, organisers of the Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore, saw more than 750 participants turning up for the event on Saturday. While big companies such as Nvidia, Ubisoft India, Adobe, Crytek and Playdom made their presence felt at the event, also present were independent developers..."

- DNA Newspaper, 2 March 2010


Indian Game Developer Summit

India's #1 Inspirational IT Conference Series

The games industry in India has its healthy share of rockstars and a burgeoning stream of wannabes. A relatively nascent industry, many of its practitioners and consumers were dubbed as geeks and outcasts, and many of them ridiculed for their passion. Add to it is the insatiable craving for academic and critical discourse and a repulsion of it for many of the same reasons. For the first time in the sub-continent, Saltmarch Media's India Game Developer Summit 2010 (Lite Edition) demonstrated the need for an active platform that discussed the combination of programming, interactivity, aesthetics, sound, user experience and gaming business.

The first and independent summit dedicated to the Indian game developer community witnessed a congregation of the some of the world's leading game hardware and software producers, along with 724 serious and qualified delegates who were treated to awe, self-effacement, and grandstanding. The focused sessions delivered by authoritative celebrity speakers covered topics across all domains of game development. Sessions ranging from game lifecycle management, game audio, latest developments in advanced graphics technologies and many more kept all the attendees enthralled throughout the day. Being a first of its kind, the India Game Developer Summit, did exactly what it was intended to do - untangle clouded perceptions and provide an enriching experience to all those who attended. Based on the feedback from the audience it was quite apparent that everyone had something substantial to take away from the summit and directly apply to their everyday jobs.

The summit began with a keynote presented by Carl Jones, Director of Global Business Development for CryENGINE at Crytek. The emphasis he laid on building the right team and the importance for continuous innovation appealed to every senior, mid-level and junior developer in the audience. The level of experience he brought with him to the summit did not flounder his compassion for young developers as he answered every single question that came his way both during his keynote and throughout the day. Click here to watch an exclusive interview with him where he provides perspective on the various needs of the global gaming sector and Crytek's future plans for India.

The one factor that caught everyone by surprise was the turnout at the summit. A 724 strong audience was a clear indicator of a growing game developer community in India who are keen on catching up with the Americas and the Chinas. The transparent lack of dearth of game developers was encouraging for all those present - speakers, sponsors and audience included. The India Game Developer Summit bought the entire community together for the first time under one roof - a first step towards a grander unification of the industry.

By the end of the 18th and last session for the day, everyone left craving for more and vouched to attend any further editions of the summit. An inspired audience of this kind is the reason why Saltmarch Media takes on the initiative to conduct summits of this nature on a regular basis.

Download all the available IGDS presentation decks. Look up the gallery to view the moments, the wins, and the rapt attention, replete with stills and videos. The testimonials capture the feedback the summit received from stakeholders and the press. There are also exclusive interviews from some of the summit's speakers.

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