"The first India Game Developer Summit was more successful than I could have hoped. Saltmarch's flawless execution, combined with the energy and enthusiasm of the attendees, made an ideal launch platform for the nascent Indian game scene. I look forward to seeing IGDS grow, as India fulfills its destiny and potential in video games."

- Rev Lebaredian, Director of Engineering, NVIDIA

"Well organized with all facilities and friendly assistance for the speakers. Informative sessions with vast topics for everyone. It was a treat to a geek!"

- Hemanth Sharma, Flash Mobile Engineering Team, Adobe Systems Inc.

I learnt about India Game Developer Summit (IGDS) through a brochure at the 2009 Business Technology summit. I was excited about IGDS due to two reasons. First, it was due to the fact that BT Summit and IGDS were organized by the same group Saltmarch Media; so I could relate the positive experience I had with BT Summit as a delegate. Second, the IGDS was first of its kind in India. I was delighted to see an event exclusively on my personal area of interest - game development. I instantly logged on to the summit website, which was up four months before the event. I was pleasantly surprised to see detailed information on various tracks. I decided to register as a speaker primarily to share my research and experience in Game development, specifically focusing on all aspects of independent game development. The event happened as planned on 27th Feb 2010. The participation was quite encouraging. It was a good mix of students, enterpreneurs, developers, enthusiasts and artists. The keynote speech and the demos were stunning. The topics ranged from case studies to detailed technical sessions. Many students, enterpreneurs and representatives from startups had a one-on-one discussion with me after my talk. I would like to personally congratulate and thank Saltmarch media for pioneering such as great event. I greatly look forward to speaking in future events.

- Karthik T Subramaniam, Indie Game Developer

"The summit was wonderful not only because it was a good place to network but also a good place to learn about different ideologies, processes and markets. Summits such as these can only help build a stronger community and therefore can give everyone a chance to grow, learn and ultimately both benefit and compete with each other. Looking forward to the next one with a larger variety of speakers. You have together a wonderfully strong team."

- Varun Nair, Mixer/Sound Designer, Blue Frog Soundlabs

"IGDS was one of its kind and I'm extremely happy that something like this finally happened. It helped a huge disparate group of indies and professional game developers to connect and get together along with a large amount of people who wanted to know more about how games and the industry worked. It was an awesome event, wonderfully set up and executed with almost no hiccups as well. Looking forward to the next iteration of IGDS from Saltmarch!"

- Yadu Rajiv, Creatives Engineer, OSSCube

I thoroughly enjoyed IGDS sessions on diverse gaming topics. It was heartwarming to meet and be able to speak to so many young talent in addition to veterans.. Gaming is an upcoming industry and such an exposure helps groom future leaders. Kudos to Saltmarch for such a well planned event!

- Sumit Gupta, CEO and Founder, BitRhymes

"IGDS was a good event with keen enthusiasts participating to acquire knowledge and get clarifications. This is first of its kind in India with a strong focus on gaming domain. It was indeed very nice to participate as a speaker and share experiences with the fraternity growing in size in India."

- Dayanidhi M G, VP - Customer Delivery, Digital Chocolate


"A Game-Changing Session: The India Game Developer Summit 2010, organised by Salt March, organisers of the Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore, saw more than 750 participants turning up for the event on Saturday. While big companies such as Nvidia, Ubisoft India, Adobe, Crytek and Playdom made their presence felt at the event, also present were independent developers..."

- DNA Newspaper, 2 March 2010



Awsomeness is Awsomeness. Saltmarch Media did a great job. It was very informative. and if you are into gaming and would love to understand the business aspect of it I'm sure you would had loved it too. I heard Saltmarch would be bringing together another event that's much bigger and for the hard core developer. Can't wait for that to happen. I will be booking in advance.

- Nitin Arvind


To say that Game enthusiasts and those lucky enough to be employed in the Industry out here are just a tad bit starved of these general events is an understatement. When I first found out about the Bangalore Game Developer's summit, I couldn't believe my eyes!!! My first step in [at the venue] brought a nice big smile to my face. It was like going home almost... my first thought was - Finally. I was actually amazed to see the booths...

- Tejas Oza


Stages like India Game Developer Summit have become important of late, because the Indian gaming industry has now moved beyond the catfights for outsourcing contracts and now has started to work as a cohesive unit. What is exciting to see is that all four verticals - PC, consoles, mobile and online - are growing at the same time. PC and Console game developers just need to take a leap of faith and once the obstacle of producing the first blockbuster is passed, nothing can stop them.

- Sathe


A thoroughly entertaining, exhausting and enlightening day. A word of thanks to the organizers for putting together a fantastic show. The planning and execution of this event were absolutely top notch. Keep it up guys. Remember what I said at the start, things could only get better. They certainly did.

- Swapnil Manish


The summit started with keynote sessions by Carl Jones from Crytek. I had played all their games and was a big fan of Crysis. I couldn't hold on to my seats when he demoed the latest CryEngine3... I happened to see people enjoying 3D gaming in real 3D with goggles at the nVidia stalls. All thanks to the great event by Saltmarch...we understood that our choices for the year 2010 were correct and got some solid information regarding online gaming sector. It was yet another of those unforgettable experiences. For someone who understood the implications of the whole thing, it was huge :) Looking forward to a bigger event next time.

- Juwal Bose


I expected to see Games games Games and only games. Demos, Test stations Lan Parties. But i never really bothered to venture the Technology that went behind the scenes to make the games. I had made up my mind to attend only the Online gaming Tracks, but after listening to talk by Carl Jones about the Cryengine3 , i Decided to stop there and explore the other tracks. Going in the uncomfortable path made me realize there is MUCH MUCH more to gaming Than just Designer and Developer.

- Kiran Subramanya


It was very nice expierence to participate in IGDS2010. Developer, foreigner, executive from various companies were there at the event. This helped me a lot in getting face to face interaction with keen minds from my field...CryEngine3 makes you feel the what real graphics is -- eat ur GPU power, and make u say "WOW"...

- Satish Rawat


It was very interesting to notice, that the program actually started on. I was very much astonished for that matter because for most of the seminars and other educational or technical ones I attend, they never start on time...I had a great time. The people around the whole place were amazing. I mean there were no ego clashes, no ideology differences, people were talking and having a good time at it. Very nice to see talks inspiring the rest like me. Had a great day. Saltmarch should have more event based on Game Dev. I'd surely come and better prepared.

- Rishikanth Somayaji


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