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In its second year, Game Developer Summit (GDS) is the industry's first of-its-kind premier event attended by a serious audience of over a thousand lively and thought-provoking game development professionals. With the best of independent voices and industry expert speakers and solid research (courtesy Saltmarchi) on the community's needs, the GDS agenda is unparalleled. The 2011 edition will broadly cover Game Programming, Game Design, Game Production, Game Business & Management, Game Audio, with practical talks that deep dive into technical skill and best practices, inspirational keynote presentations, an Expo Hall featuring the latest projects and products, engaging networking events, and the opportunity to interact with the best and brightest of speakers from around the world.

With the mission to build a robust community, advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers, GDS provides a high quality summit experience where thousands of intelligent minds and proactive gaming organizations converge to create a high-quality learning experience. Mentored by a world-class advisory board, GDS features outstanding educational sessions, powerhouse speakers, and a multitude of opportunities for the Gaming ecosystem in India. You will go back home with the skills, insight, and contacts to take advantage of these opportunities as they transform the mobile industry.

Why Attend GDS 2011

Game Developer Summit (GDS) is the quintessential Indian game industry event focused on inspiring, connecting and educating the Indian Game Developer ecosystem. Featuring top-notch keynotes from luminaries, visionaries and gaming gurus on various subjects from mobile and indie games to MMOs and AAA games, GDS will also provide a hub for business and networking opportunities in the Indian industry. Attend GDS 2011 if you want to learn and do business. Need more reasons?

  • We're serious about learning -although all our summits include a generous heaps of after hours and downtime, we are serious about providing a well-balanced learning experience that virtually guarantees that you will go back home with a richer understanding of the technologies that make a difference to your work life and career.
  • Brush up your technical skills - you'll get two days of continuing education on everything from the right combination of programming and creative effort to best practices and secrets from Game Developers in the US on how to design and develop visually attractive and strikingly creative mobile games that are oriented towards establishing a good rapport between your brand and your target audience. This is the stuff you don't learn in school. Then you can take your new knowledge back to the office and hold a training session for your co-workers.
  • Networking opportunities galore - lunches, refreshments, time in the expo hallways, breaks between sessions -- every minute you're not in a session is an ideal opportunity to meet fellow Game developers from all walks of life, not to mention meeting some of the creators, luminaries, authors, committers, community heroes, best speakers and experts from around the world. You'll return to the office with tons of free software, plus contact information for a variety of vendors who can help you solve future developmental problems. (These contacts could prove indispensable to your colleagues, too).
  • Free stuff - you'll get lots of other free stuff, like geek toys, games, Limited edition Saltmarch T-shirts, laptop case bags, lunches and coffee every day...
  • You won't disappear from the face of the earth - we make sure you're connected at all times with by bringing in our own dedicated, FREE Internet connection and provide a setting that lets you connect back to your office in case you need to get some quick work done.
  • Be inspired - you'll be inspired by some of the top experts in the game developer ecosystem -- and if you bring back just one valuable idea, the summit will be worth it.
  • Do you work for a technology firm? - offer to call on clients or potential clients in the Bangalore area and present your firm's work. Or volunteer to meet with vendors while you're in town.
  • Game Developer Summit offers great value by exposing you to new and diverse technologies and techniques that will help you in your daily work. With 5 tracks, 50+ plus sessions, keynotes, workshops and panel discussions, an exposition of leading companies in the gaming ecosystem, Game Developer Summit is a bargain. It's content you won't find anywhere else.

Do I Make the Cut?

Game Developer Summit 2011, through its diverse tracks, focuses on covering industry leading methodologies in game development, design, production, programming, visual arts and writing. If gaming is in your grain, then GDS is for you. Regardless, we are providing below a list of the job titles that will find a resonance with the GDS program:

  • Game Developers
  • Game Programmers
  • Game Designers
  • Team Leaders
  • Studio Heads
  • Game Producers
  • Technical Artists
  • Visual Artists
  • Rendering Engineers
  • Game Writers
  • Sound Directors
  • Composers
  • Audio Producers
  • Game Enthusiasts
  • Game Business Development Managers
  • Students/Academia

Who is Saltmarch?

Saltmarch is an established new-media company that brings together professionals and executives from diverse sectors with an objective of informing, networking and serving them with information, opportunities, evaluation and guidance to excel in their jobs. Whether it is delivered in print, online, or in person, everything Saltmarch produces is an astute reflection of the company's unshakable belief in the power of information to spur empowerment, and thereby change. For more information, please visit:


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