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Mobile Developer Summit is the biggest and definitive multi-platform conference and expo series for India's mobile developer ecosystem. Homespun by Saltmarch Media, MODS is for mobile developers, application developers, startups/entreprenuers, device manufacturers, UI designers, alpha males, digivores and geeks. 8000 mobile/web professionals have already benefited from four editions of MODS. Join the 2014 edition of the gold standard for India's mobile developer ecosystem, Oct 9-10.


Great job Saltmarch! Excellent demos of the features of HTML5, iOS7 and the new APIs in JS. The speakers are hands on. Scott, Daniel is awesome. Wonderful sessions on Monaco and Xcode 5. Overall, MODS opened up a realm of possibilites om mobile app development. - Rajaguru

MODS is a must attend for all mobile developers. It helped me in understanding upcoming technology. Thanks a lot for Saltmarch for such good ideas, and for the wonderful sessions covering all aspects like Androiddevelopment, testing, iOS, Firefox OS and HTML5. Kudos to MODS!- Chandu

Mobile developer? Bangalore based? Not attending MODS? Well, I feel sorry for you bro. #EnuffSaid - Manas Mehrotra

MODS has been an amazing experience. I have so much to take back with me. Great job MODS team. Take a bow! - Priya Padgaonkar

MODS team, kudos for the good show. Planning to execution was hassle free. @saltmarchmedia has all the credit :) - Naveen

My belief that HTML5 would be the future for smart phones & tablets is strongly reinforced further from the sessions at MODS - Ramesh M

At MODS, cars = fast & furious, likewise apps = fast & fluid - Dipin Kumar Krishnan

Thanks to Saltmarch Media for giving us the opportunity to explore many tools for mobile developers, all in one place. - Venkatesh P

If you want to realise what is really happening in the world of mobile development it is only possible in Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) - Ram Manohar Sharma

Boy was I reluctant !!! Thanks Daniel for the session on blocks. MODS is the first and awesome mobile developer summit I have been to. - Priya Padgaonkar

HTML5, Responsive web design, Android, iOS, Xamarin, and many more things learned at MODS 2013.-Mahesh D

At MODS we witness the impending rise of Intel Tizen, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch etc. - Dipin Krishnan

MODS has given me a very different perspective to mobile development. I learned a lot. Thank you MODS. - Abraham Chacko

The exhibitors at MODS are really worth visiting. Dear dev friends do visit each and every stall. No marketing here. - Naveen

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Presentation Decks 2010-13

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Videos 2010-12

Master Class: Elements of User Experience
by Jesse James Garrett

Building Social Spring Applications
by Josh Long

Easy Steps to Move from Silverlight to HTML5
by Souvik Basu

CoffeeScript For Recovering JavaScript Programmers
by Venkat Subramaniam

Browser Power: CDI meets GWT
by Mike Brock

The Beautiful Broken Web
by Bishan Singh Kochher

HTML5 in Your Pocket: Application Cache And Local Storage
by Scott Davis

Building the Internet for a Billion Indians
by Gulzar Azad

The GDP going Mobile -- 2.0 of the Industry
by Gerard Rego

How Smart Use Cases Drive Web Development
by Sander Hoogendoorn

Put Web Identity to Work In Your Application
by Mike Benkovich

Mocking Intricate Dependencies—Removing An Unit Testing Impediment
by Venkat Subramaniam

What's New In WCF 4.5
by Ido Flatow

SQL Server 2012 for Developers
by Amit Bansal

Preparing For The Java 8 Revolution
by Mike Keith

A Tale about Caching (JSR 107) & Data Grids (JSR 347) in Enterprise Java
by Manik Surtani

Spring and Cloud Foundry - A Marriage Made In Heaven
by Josh Long

PaaSing a Java EE Application
by Arun Gupta

The Future of the Java Platform: Java SE 8 & Beyond
by Simon Ritter

"What did I do?" - T-SQL Worst Practices
by Pinal Dave

Decision Making in Software Teams
by Tim Berglund

Building RESTful Applications with the Open Data Protocol
by Stephen Forte

Tips & Tricks for Squeezing Performance from Entity FrameworkÂ
by Julie Lerman

The Science of Great UI
by Mark Miller

JavaScript for the C# Developer
by Julian M. Bucknall

Caring about Code Quality
by Venkat Subramaniam

jQuery at Work: A Beginner's Guide
by Tom Marrs

Is NoSQL The Future of Data Storage?
by Gary Short

Building a 3-tier App with ASP.NET, WCF RIA Services and ADO.NET Entity Framework
by Harish Ranganathan

WWF - A Declarative approach to Service Oriented Applications
by Bijoy Singhal

Wallet in the Cloud
by Naveed Anwar

Cloud Computing Boot Camp on the Google App Engine
by Matthew McCullough

Collections Renaissance
by Donald Raab, Vlad Zakharov

Hadoop - Divide and Conquer
by Matthew McCullough

Architecting Your Java Applications for the Cloud
by Praveen Srivatsa

Building Rich Internet Applications with SL RIA Web Services
by Pandurang Nayak

Business Intelligence Design Patterns: BI Made Easy!
by Stephen Forte

ASP.NET AJAX and the Future of Web Development
by Todd Anglin

Hone Your Coding Kung Fu with Best Practices
by Jean-Luc David

Partitioning with SQL Server
by Chad Boyd

Extending IIS 7.0 from End-to-End with .NET
by Colin Bowern

Developer Productivity
by Erik Doernenburg

EJB 3 Java Persistence API in Action
by Mike Keith

Overview of Excel Services
by Ed Musters

Logical Layers and Seams
by Donald Belcham

RIA with Flex and Java
by Yakov Fain

Case Study: Server-side Mashup Framework
by Jon Aizen

SOA and the Enterprise, Thoughts Beyond Technology
by Clemens Utschig-Utschig

Security Architectures for the Rich Web
by Barry Hiern

Beginning Drools - Rule Engines in Java
by Brian Sam-Bodden

Mashups vs Composite Applications
by Olivier Poupeney

Mobile Internet for Emerging Markets
by D Shivakumar

Delivering Long-Term Value in a Short-Term World
by Jesse James Garrett

What It Takes to Become an Enterprise Developer
by Yakov Fain

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