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Features Coming Up in Visual Studio 2010

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Visual studio has been the most favored IDE for developing applications in the .NET framework. A majority of software developers swear by this Microsoft product simply because they spend a large part of their daily lives in it. Visual Studio 2010 codenamed “Hawaii” is now slated to be released on April 12 2010 (postponed from March 22 as previously announced).

Several rounds of intensive user testing has gone into the product. A community technology preview of VS 2010 was released as early as 2008. While the size of downloadable file (7 GB) and the final extracted directory size (23 GB) was criticised users got a sneak preview of the IDE that enables application development for Windows 7 and also has capabilities to build applications that run on Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure. On October 19, 2009, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 was released to users of the Microsoft Developer Network, with a public version of the same beta being released on October 21, 2009.

In order to address performance issues that had survived past the Beta 2 build a testing version was recently made available. Release Candidate versions of Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate have been released to testers. Join us as we explore a few new features of this much awaited release. You can download the RC versions here.

Extended User Interface

The first thing a returning user will notice is that Microsoft has refurbished Visual Studio’s user interface. This change is primarily because of the shift from Windows Forms to Windows Presentation Foundation that goes in line with Microsoft’s claim that the new design reduces clutter and complexity. However, WPF only supports TrueType fonts and other bitmap fonts still appear on the menu in Visual Studio 2010 beta 1. Those fonts will be removed in the final release, according to Brittany Behrens, program manager on the Visual Studio Platform team.

Testers have complained about blurry fonts and fuzziness, especially for lower point sizes. The user has an option, however, to zoom in and out of the screen using the popular Control + Scroll option that enables better visibility and helps keep an eye on detail.

Better Editing/Debugging Capabilities

VS 2010 comes packaged with an impressive historical debugger. The only complaint developers have had so far is that the historical debugger comes only with the Visual Studio Team System and not with the Visual Studio Pro version. It sports improved thread debugging system with increased support for multithreading and parallelism.

Historical debuggers allow users to record events allowing backward tracing in code execution in order to find error occurrences. The debugger for debugging multithreaded applications enables developers to set a break point in their source code so they can figure out where each thread is at a point in time. This is customizable in that it allows the user to decide how much data should be recorded at any given time.

IntelliSense plays a very active role in VS 2010 because of the inclusion of backward compilation support for all languages. The code is silently compiled line by line in the background and IntelliSense provides auto completion and feedback about syntax and code errors in real time.

.NET 4 Unleashed with Entity Framework 4

With Visual Studio 2010 and the beta version of .NET 4 developers have a chance to get a sneak preview of ADO.NET 4. ADO.NET 4 is eagerly awaited because of the current dismal support for n-tier APIs and templates. Microsoft says the new version also increases Plain Old CLR Objects (POCO) coverage and improves Persistence Ignorance, in addition to other improvements.

F# Ships with VS 2010
F# is a functional programming language based on ML and OCAML, which uses the .Net Framework and interoperates with other .Net languages. Microsoft’s F# team has been toiling away to integrate F# into the main development branch of VS 2010. It is now official that F# will ship as a part of VS 2010. Some of its strengths are parallelism, asynchronous programming, graphics manipulations, and mathematics. You probably will not write a complete application in F#, but it will be great for assembling libraries.
Azure Toolkit

The Windows Azure toolkit for Visual Studio includes support for Visual Studio 2010 beta 1, Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition with SP1. The toolkit for Visual Studio offers a number of project templates in both VB.NET and C# for building Cloud services, tools for changes Service roles, integrated local development using the Development Fabric and Development Storage services and the ability to debug Cloud service roles running in the Development fabric. Also included is the ability to build and package cloud services and browse the Azure Developer portal.

Visual Studio 2010 at GIDS on 20, 23 April

At India's biggest independent summit for software developers luminaries from the world of Microsoft computing technologies gather every year to discuss and debate new technologies emerging from the Microsoft stable; tune into advances in the .NET language treasure chest, immerse into .NET's laser focus on business-critical applications, and soak into experiential learning of software development tools and practices.

This year, the GIDS .NET conference and workshops to be held on 20th and 23rd April 2010, features timely technical and business topics, technology trends, best practices and case studies. Expert speakers will address a wide range of topics, including .NET 4.0, Silverlight 3, WCF 4, Visual Studio 2010, REST, Windows Workflow 4, Thread Synchronization, ASP.NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2, LINQ, Unit Testing, CLR & C# 4.0, .NET Patterns, WPF 4, F#, Windows Azure, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Debugging, T-SQL Tips & Tricks, and more.

  • Sachin Vinodh Rathi will address the subject of developing SharePoint applications with VS 2010. Building SharePoint applications was never straight forward with the earlier versions of Visual Studio. He wil demonstrate how, with VS 2010's out of the box support for SharePoint templates, it becomes easy to design, develop and deploy SharePoint Applications, Web Parts from within Visual Studio.
  • Mehfuz Hossain will teach the audience how to build addins for Visual Studio 2010 using the .NET 4.0 Features, Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF) and the Visual Studio 2010 Managed Addin Framework (MAF). Attendees will also get an overview, how the new addin framework works and the key concepts that gets you started.
If you are a developer, programmer, software engineer and/or architect who creates applications, write code, or develops websites leveraging the Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio, SQL Server, jQuery, Visual Studio Team System, ADO.NET, Silverlight, WCF, WPF, RESTful Services, and more, this is one event you don't want to miss.

View complete list of speakers and Microsoft technology related sessions at www.developersummit.com. Register for the Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 here.

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