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Friday,October 18,2019


Celebrate COBOL's Golden Anniversary at GIDS 2009

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Cobol continues to be the most important programming language in the world today, despite the sheen of a .NET or Java. Why? Because Cobol applications account for 60% of all the applications that are currently in operation, and around 85% of all the transactions (globally) that are processed (Database and Network Journal). The Aberdeen Group estimates that $2 trillion has been invested in mainframe applications in corporations that house approximately 70% of all critical business logic and data, while Gartner says Cobol code accounts for 65% (200bn lines of code) of the total software in use.


The economic crisis is forcing organizations to reduce cost, increase productivity and so cutting IT expenditure has become imperative. CIOs are looking to increase business functionality and developer productivity by at least 30% and at the same time reduce their expenditure by 20-25%. Modernizing existing COBOL applications allows companies to enhance their productivity and get higher ROI. Thus Modernization is the way to go!


With 75% of the world’s business data and 90% of all financial transactions still happening in COBOL, there is an increase in demand for COBOL programmers. Even in the current economic scenario, salaries of COBOL programmers are on the upswing owing to their shortage. With the increase in the global demand supply gap, the Indian outsourcing industry has an opportunity to fill this gap in the next 5 years. COBOL language is portable on Linux/Windows/Unix/zLinux and can be integrated with Java, .Net and Web 2.0. This opportunity is opening new vistas for the developer community.


Technical innovations, competition in tough times, and a strong focus on web enablement, integration and interoperability are driving application requirements. Better performance, usability and accessibility are the objectives, via a process of extending and modernizing your existing applications. It can be a long and arduous journey, where technological innovation and helpful advice can make all the difference.


At GIDS.COBOL, come celebrate application modernization and learn from experts a range of technical deep-dive sessions to help you identify the best tools and approaches to modernizing and optimizing your existing applications:


Focused Session: COBOL – Getting younger with .NET!
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.NET on April 22 2009

An exciting insight into how existing COBOL can significantly contribute to Managed Code on Windows. This session will showcase the latest syntax and semantic enhancements to COBOL - making it a .NET language. See how you can develop your Cobol applications in Visual Studio 2008!


Focused Session: Enterprise .NET
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.NET on April 22 2009

.NET and the Microsoft Azure cloud offer organizations a heady mix of new business models, enormous cost savings and real competitive edge. COBOL is at the heart of business and at the forefront of this change. Key points covered include:

  • Visual Studio
  • Circles of COBOL
  • CLOUD business models

Focused Session: Enterprise 2.0 -  Putting your Weight behind Business Agility
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.Web on April 23 2009

Combining the power of your existing applications with the market reach and compelling user interfaces of the Web, brings a new competitive edge to COBOL users. Hear how you can profit from your unique position. Key points covered:

  • Reach
  • Web & Mobile Web
  • Circles of COBOL
  • Ajax and Silverlight

Focused Session: COBOL – Taking you into the Cloud
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.Web on April 23 2009

This session will demonstrate how you can take COBOL applications and deploy them into Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure Clouds, and be prepared to take full advantage of each new Cloud as they become available.

Focused Session: Java and COBOL : Working Together
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.Java on April 24 2009

Combining the strengths of very different technologies gives your business the best of every possible world. The question is not which single language is best for the job,  but how to create composite applications take take performance and capability to new heights.

Workshop: Mainframe in a Box
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.Workshops on April 25 2009

Experience a best-in-class Unified Windows® based environment for all aspects of mainframe application delivery, including code generation, analysis, development, extension, debugging and testing. If you are looking to better leverage your Mainframe Resources that support business critical production systems through significant productivity increases and qualitive superior off-host Development and Testing, then make sure you join this session.  Get a view on how Micro Focus MFEEE (Mainframe in a Box) allows you to develop Cobol, Assembler and PL/I applications with CICS/IMS/JCL/DB2/VSAM  without the need for a mainframe.

The first in a series of three related workshops, that will take you through porting an application from the mainframe into an off-host development environment and demonstrating the power that comes with having your own personal mainframe on your windows workstation. The session finale will be extending the application out to SOA.

Workshop: Cobol - Achieving Platform Independence
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.Workshops on April 25 2009

Experience how Micro Focus Server™ Enterprise Edition enables the deployment of migrated mainframe applications onto Linux, UNIX or Windows. Mainframe Applications using COBOL, CICS, IMS TM, DB2, IMS DB, VSAM and JCL can all be migrated with minimum source code changes and executed within the Micro Focus Server™ Enterprise Edition environment. Such applications can then exploit all of the capabilities of Micro Focus Server™ for SOA for ongoing modernization.

The session is a follow-on from 'Mainframe in Box'. The off-loaded mainframe application will be ported to a windows environment demonstrating the capabilities of Micro Focus Server.

Workshop: Extending Cobol to SOA, Web Services and Beyond
Conference: GIDS.COBOL
Co-located with: GIDS.Workshops on April 25 2009

Learn how Micro Focus can assist you in extending Cobol Application interfacing to support the flexible demands of a Service Oriented Architecture and web services. This final session takes a look at how mainframe COBOL transactions are transformed into web services and deployed in an SOA/Web environment. The session finale is a demo of the 'extended' Cobol application deployed in the Cloud.


Register for the GIDS.COBOL pass at Great Indian Developer Summit (http://www.developersummit.com/registration.html#register) to attend all the four summit days. Special savings of INR 4000, for registrations on or before the 3rd of April, courtesy Micro Focus.

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