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Friday,October 18,2019


Finally, a Dedicated Summit for India's Eclipse Ecosystem

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Eclipse is no longer open source’s best-kept secret. It has come out of the closet, and how! Now at a crossroad in its evolution, the ecosystem’s footprint is broadening to encompass a larger spectrum of offerings for software developers in areas such as modeling, embedded, mobile, RIA and Ajax, SOA and dynamic languages. The 2009 edition of Eclipse India Summit™ (ESI), Asia’s first and annual Eclipse-only show, will feature intensive talks on all that developers need to know when using Eclipse-based tools and technologies.


One of the largest user bases for Eclipse in the world, the Indian ecosystem of software/tool developers and technology companies are benefiting from quick time-to-market and standardized user experiences by building their tools using Eclipse technology. Brought to you by Saltmarch Media, producers of the hugely successful Great Indian Developer Summit (http://www.developersummit.com/), in association with India’s pioneering and foremost group of Eclipse intelligentsia, ANCiT Consulting, Eclipse India Summit™ 2009 will feature four core tracks that hold relevance, immediacy and impact for the Eclipse ecosystem in India: Product Development Essentials, Modeling Techniques, eDevelopment, and Ganymede – Cool & New.


Saltmarch and ANCiT consulting (a member of the Eclipse Foundation) together constitute one of the foremost Eclipse Intelligentsia in the region. The organizers have their pulse on the Eclipse ecosystem in India, a hands-on understanding of the level of detail required for the Indian ecosystem of Eclipse developers and users, and most importantly the insider information on how companies are individuals are, and planning, to harness Eclipse today, and in the future. Publishers of India’s premier online developer portal DevMarch (http://www.devmarch.com/), the organizers also have the credibility of having organized India's biggest summit for software developers - Great Indian Developer Summit (http://www.developersummit.com/), the breakthrough summit for business technology executives –  Business Technology Summit (http://www.btsummit.com/), and several other large, medium and small format summits and conclaves.


The organizer’s mandate is to nurture the Eclipse ecosystem in India, empower it with information, and eventually create proactive committers and contributors who can plough back their efforts to global eclipse development. The organizing team is represented at the EclipseCon in Santa Clara, where Annamalai Chockalingam’s presentation on the Eclipse ecosystem in India will provide insight into:

  • India as a Major Market for Eclipse Users
  • Comfort levels for companies that are contemplating offshoring work to India
  • Pointers on where to look for help if they need to find Eclipse Developers in India.

Eclipse India Summit™ 2009 will feature eight well researched workshops (intermediate and advanced), technical keynotes and focused sessions that hold relevance, immediacy and impact for the Eclipse ecosystem in India. Each 150-minute workshop will belong to one of the two levels: Intermediate OR Advanced, and will feature intensive training with lots of code and real world examples that attendees can take back and immediately benefit in their projects and work. The technical keynotes of 30-minutes each will set the tone for the summit, while the focused sessions of 50 minute duration will be led by an expert authority on a focused topic that falls within the four tracks envisioned for the summit. The Call for Papers (CfP) is now closed, but EIS 2009 will continue accepting proposals well into the weeks prior to the conference for "Late Breaking" sessions/workshops and replacement sessions/workshops, so if you have a particularly compelling story to tell, please submit it, here: http://www.eclipsesummit.com/callforpaper.html - onlinecfp.

For more information, visit the summit home at http://www.eclipsesummit.com/.

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