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Friday,October 18,2019


GWT 1.5 M2 Offers Support for Java 5

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Google has released the second milestone of GWT 1.5, an open source Java-to-JavaScript compiler and library for building AJAX applications in Java. The major new feature in version 1.5 is support for Java 5, including generics, enums, annotations, and the enhanced for loop. Bruce Johnson, co-creator of GWT, provides a breakdown list of the new features in this milestone release:

* There is a new DOM API package. Using the new ability to subclass JavaScriptObject, GWT 1.5 M2 includes bindings for nearly the entire W3C HTML DOM spec. See the javadoc for the package com.google.gwt.dom.client for details. The widgets will be retrofitted to use the new DOM classes in the upcoming release candidate.

* Some widgets now have animation effects. Popups, trees, etc. have subtle animation effects to provide visual cues when hidden and shown.

* The addition of a "Showcase" sample. This sample combines features from several other samples and demonstrates the new, nicer-looking GWT default stylesheet and widget animations. Note that the default style is still in flux and is likely to change.

* Keyboard support has been added where previously absent in UI classes, including in menus and tab panels.

* ARIA support for enhanced accessibility is now present in most widgets, including menus, trees, tabs, and button variants.

* Bi-di. Widgets and panels have built-in support for bi-directional layout.

* "long" emulation. The Java language defines "long" types to be 64-bit signed integers, whereas JavaScript only supports 64-bit floating point numbers, which cannot accurately represent the same whole-number range as a true "long" type. GWT 1.5 M2 transparently emulates long types properly to more faithfully maintain Java semantics in web mode.

* There is a single Mac OS X distribution that works on both Leopard (10.5) and Tiger (10.4).

At the Great Indian Developer Summit 2008 (http://www.developersummit.com/), Greg Murray, Ajax Architect at Sun Microsystems will hold forth on on jMaki and GWT. jMaki provides a great way to express widgets from many different libraries and get them to communicate. GWT provides a great model for creating web applications using the Java programing language. This discussion will show how to marry the best attributes of jMaki with GWT extend the number of components available in GWT by including components from JavaScript libraries like Plotkit, Yahoo UI, Dojo, and many others. This discussion will demonstrate how to integrate JavaScript libraries into the GWT environment and cover the costs and benefits of the approach.

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