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Monday,November 18,2019


Java, Open Source, SOA & WS* on Top of Indian Developer's Radar

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Himanshu Goyal heads Academic Initiative, developerWorks and Globalization initiatives for IBM India/South Asia. Under these initiatives, he is responsible to evangelize, skill and certify on the IBM Software to Engineering Students, Faculties, Developers and senior IT professionals in the Industry. Under Globalization he is responsible for the availability of IBM software in local languages in India/South Asia. Himanshu spoke to DeveloperMarch about the 27-city road show ‘Develothon 2010’geared towards skilling the Indian developers on emerging technologies and trends, the mission for developerWorks going forward and the technologies that is keeping Indian developers excited in 2010.

Q. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us in a bit about your role at IBM India?

Himanshu Goyal: I lead the developerWorks, Academic Initiative and the Globalization teams in IBM India. The developerWorks team aims to evangelize IBM software among the developer community in India via online and offline platforms. developerWorks is a content repository on IBM software, comprising of articles, trial downloads, code samples, demos, webcasts, etc. accessible for free on

A recent enhancement to this is the My developerWorks platform, which is a niche social network  for developers,and has been called The World’s Geekiest Social Network by ReadWriteWeb. Under developerWorks, we also conduct developerWorks Live events in cities across India that cover emerging technologies, and are styled along the lines of participant driven unconfernces.

Another initiave is The Great Mind Challenge for Business Awards, which recognizes visionary IBM clients who have successfully implemented IBM software solutions to create exceptional business value. Under the latest program IBM Develothon 2010, which started from Mumbai on March 22, 2010 the developerWorks India team traveled across the country in two cars, over 40 days, conducting developerWorks Technical Briefings sessions in 14 cities geared towards skilling the Indian developers on emerging technologies and trends. Similar briefings are also conducted across 27 academic institutions along the way having an IBM Software Center of Excellence.

The Academic Initiative team aims at partnering with engineering colleges to institute IBM Software Center of Excellences in the colleges. Through this, we hope to give the students the edge in their career. A program that has received rave reviews in the press is a nation wide contest for students, designed to test their software development skills which attracted over 114,000 students last year.

The Globalization team aims to localize IBM software for the Indian market, such as bring Indian font support to Lotus Notes.

Q. IBM recently announced the 27-city road show ‘Develothon 2010’. What is the one key objective to this program?

HG: Evangalise and set up an enabling agenda for next six months with  the developers and final year engineering students who will join the industry in 2010.

Q.What inspired you to start Develothon?

HG: We selected this format as it is youthful in approach and shows our commitment to cover almost the complete country in 40 days, with experts putting such a personal effort and demonstrating their passion. Just to add here, we see this reciprocated too from our audience, having covered 2100 developers in the first leg of the campaign from Mumbai to Bangalore.

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