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Monday,November 18,2019


Java, Open Source, SOA & WS* on Top of Indian Developer's Radar

Q. Are there any initiatives taken by the developerWorks community over time to aid both its long term member in terms of retraining programs while catering to the immediate needs of some its newer members?

HG: developerWorks offers skill-building content for training on multiple skill levels. These assets (for example, tutorials, briefings and demos) enable IT professionals to start as a beginner or on a more advanced developer level. Additionally, we refresh our skill offerings by focusing on the latest technology trends so that a long term member benefits by updating his or her technical skills and staying current on such topics as Cloud or Enterprise Collaboration Platforms.

Q. What, in your opinion, are the technologies that are keeping Indian developers excited in 2010? And how much of that has been incorporated into Develothon’s agenda?

HG: We know that the Indian developer population is most interested in learning about analytics, cloud computing, ITSM, Java, open source, Linux, SOA and Web Services. As a result, both the Develethon agenda the developerWorks portal covers these topics in order for them to continue enhancing their skills.

Q. What value proposition does an event like Develothon hold for its attendees?

HG: Develothon is a great opportunity for the attendees as they set an agenda for skilling, which is time bound, and gain exposure to the key resources available on developerWorks web site.

Q. Do you have any parting words for our readership?

HG: For 10 years developerWorks has been the destination for developers and IT professionals to stay ahead of the latest trends in open standards, develop skills, solve problems and collaborate with peers. Our unparalleled content and community tools can help your developers to grow their network.

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