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Friday,October 18,2019


The Tablet Wars Heats up with iPad, Notion Inks Adam and Google

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Tablet PCs have been around for a quite a while but not until the recent release of Apple’s iPad did people start considering it a commercially viable product. Naysayers will question the niche a product of this nature is aiming to fill when laptops and netbooks are anything but bulky. However there are enough examples from the past to show us that products which began their life with a ‘but what is it good for?’ response end up getting the ‘must have’ tag. This brings us to the subject of the contemporary Tablet Wars. Get a sneak peek into two tablet devices, one by an Indian Company, you should be keep an eye out for in the months to come.

Notion Ink’s Adam

Notion Ink is a pure-bred Indian company founded by IIT Kharagpur graduate Rohan Shravan. First news of Notion Ink’s tablet PC hit the airwaves in the December of 2009. The tablet sports an NVIDIA Tegra 2-based with a dual-core ARM CORTEX-A9 processor and packs in a 10-inch transflective screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution courtesy of Pixel Qi. Also now confirmed is a patented swiveling 3-megapixel camera, three USB ports, an HDMI out for full 1080p video, a promised 16 hours of battery life, built-in Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth, and some welcome touches like an ambient light sensor, a proximity sensor and an accelerometer.

Adam runs Google’s Android for its operating system. Although the OS is designed for smartphones rather than tablets, the UI apparently scales quite nicely to Adam’s 10 inch display. Another feature of the tablet is the collaboration with Pixel Qi on the transflective screen. It allows the 10.1-inch display to switch between a backlit LCD mode to a low-power electrophoretic reflective mode giving the tablet a longer battery life.

Hyderabad-based Notion Ink is looking to partner with telecom companies to bundle the tablet with 3G access before releasing it to the market. It has also confirmed Adam will support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 complete with the hardware acceleration from the Tegra 2 chipset.

On the face of it Adam wins over the iPad for everyone who’s not an Apple fanatic. The option to choose between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as Internet browsers, SD card slots instead of solid state drives for memory should also give Adam the mass appeal it needs. It will be interesting to observe public response the tablet will receive when its released in July 2010.

Chrome OS based Google Tablet

Google’s new found business objective is to contend with Apple at all levels. The company is teaming up with HTC to develop a tablet PC based on the Chrome operating system. It’s not too unreasonable to surmise that the Chrome OS was developed with the intention to release it on a tablet eventually. It seems to be tailor made for one anyway. A physical expression of a browser centric operating system best defines the ideal (more or less) tablet OS. Who other than Google will have more motivation to get people online? After all, more eyes on the Internet equals more revenue for Google through AdSense.

Images of the speculated Google tablet were first released on the Google project web site Chromium by Glen Murphy, the company's UI lead on its OS and browser.

The tablet will be a used as a push-tool for Google's cloud initiatives since all applications will be served through the browser (because the device may sacrifice local storage abilities to keep it lightweight). This does not imply that the tablet will be restricted in terms of productivity or game play, since Google will definitely want to atract developers by providing an effective channel to deploy games and a host of applications suited for the tablet. They probably will even rent out movies through YouTube.

2010 is all set to be the year of the tablet. It will take some time for notebooks and netbooks to be completely replaced by tablets but this year could herald the beginning.

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