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Monday,November 18,2019



Our Biggest Gaffe Was Relying on HTML 5, Says Zuckerberg

In his first public interview after going public, Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg accepted the fact that the firmís mobile app strategy of aiming at HTML5 as a least common denominator platform rather than iOS was a blunder that spoiled two years of its hard work by development. Zuckerberg also put an end to intense speculation that Facebook was planning to release a phone as early as next year.

Java Leads as High-performance Language for Mission-critical Financial Applications

Java is the programming language best suited for financial applications, per a recently released white paper.. Apart from fast execution, short development times and excellent suitability for large systems, it is easier to avoid programming mistakes and develop high-quality code with Java, which is crucial for these types of systems.

Developer Momentum for BlackBerry 10 Continues to Grow

Visually stunning BlackBerry 10 applications from Cisco, Foursquare, Sencha, Gameloft, Halfbrick Studios, Madfinger Games and Funkoi have been revealed, demonstrating applications that are feature rich and integrated with core functions of BlackBerry 10 and embracing the seamless flow that only BlackBerry 10 provides.

Metro Flavored Nokia Xpress Web Browser Debuts

For Windows Phone users who have been clamoring for an alternative browser, Nokia has announced Nokia Xpress featuring data compression and a different viewer paradigm. Although it packs a metro flavor, the new browser surprisingly does not use the Internet Explorer 9 rendering engine.

Android Owners Being Left Behind, Study Claims

A new study has revealed that Android phones have a bad history of not getting the latest OS upgrades, often leaving them several versions behind. The Understatement's Michael Degusta tracked 18 different Android phones shipped in the U.S. through the middle of 2010, and found that most have not received major OS upgrades or even minor support patches, even though they're still under contract.

Samsung Hosts Bada 2.0 Power App Race

Samsung Electronics is calling on all developers globally to develop their best app for its newly announced bada 2.0 Power App Race, which gives developers the chance of winning up to USD100 000 for creative app development. Now in its second year, the bada Power App Race competition will formally launch bada 2.0 to mobile applications developers, inspiring them to create innovative new applications using the bada 2.0 SDK. A total of 10 applications - including five game applications, and five non-game applications - will be selected and rewarded with prize money totalling USD1 million. Furthermore, winning applications will receive the "Power App" mark at Samsung Apps, exclusive marketing and promotion benefits.

Microsoft to Peel Mango at Mobile Developer Summit 2011

Microsoft has unleashed its major annual update codenamed Mango, to a flood of devices both old and new. Also known as Windows Phone 7.5, the latest build delivers an onslaught of features -- no less than 500, according to Microsoft. On November 3rd 2011 at the Mobile Developer Summit (MDS) 2011, Microsoft's lead for Technical Evangelism in India, Harish Vaidyanathan, will lift the curtains on the range of Windows Phone opportunities for Developers in India. Whether itís the recent innovations, insider tricks or exclusive offers that will help you outshine your colleagues, MDS attendees will be the first ones to hear about the same.

The MDS Tribute to Steve Jobs

Mobile Developer Summit (MDS) 2011 will pay rich tributes to Steve through passionate discourses from real professionals and developers who have been touched by Steve's passion and creativity. They will provide their interpretation of how Steve did what he did, and most importantly how we can all learn to unleash our inner Steve.

Adobe Unveils AIR and Flash Player Incubator Program

Adobe has introduced the Adobe AIR and Flash Player Incubator program. Under this program, the Adobe Flash Runtimes team will share with developers features that are under development or experimental in order to get early participation, testing and feedback from the community.

Oracle Fills ASF Renounced JCP Seat with JavaMan Bruno Souza

Oracle has nominated Brazilian user group SouJava to fill the vacancy left by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) on the Java SE/EE executive committee. SouJava, one of the oldest and largest Java User Groups (JUGs) in the world with 40,000 members, is headed by Bruno Souza who promotes himself as the JavaMan.

Google's Tablet-Geared Android Software Inches Closer with Honeycomb

Google Inc. is inching closer to releasing a version of the Android software meant for tablet computers with the release of its new tablet operating system, Honeycomb, which is now available for developers to tinker with. In a post Wednesday on Google's Android Developers blog, Xavier Ducrohet, the Android SDK tech lead, has suggested that a final version of the kit will be available "in the weeks ahead." This final version is expected to enable developers publish Honeycomb applications to Google's Android Market app store. Consumer tablets running Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb) is still months away.



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