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Friday,October 18,2019



RIM Updates for Java and Web Tools Make Blackberry App Development Easier

The BlackBerry Java Plug-In for Eclipse v1.1 and the BlackBerry Web Plug-in v2.0 offer new capabilities that make it even easier to create feature-rich applications. The BlackBerry Widget SDK (Software Development Kit) v1.0 and the BlackBerry(R) Java SDK v5.0, which includes more than 20,000 APIs, provide unparalleled access to BlackBerry(R) smartphone hardware features, native BlackBerry software applications and other unique system capabilities of the BlackBerry Application Platform.

3PAR Unveils Utility Storage in India

3PAR, a global provider of utility storage, has launched its first sales and customer service office in India and has named Arvind Khurana as country manager. This move into India is intended to position 3PAR to meet growing demand for technologies to support cloud computing, the virtual datacenter,green IT initiatives, and enhanced infrastructure agility in an economy that has been expanding in the midst of a worldwide recession.

The Future of Distributed Computing Rests with Hadoop

Moore's law has finally hit the wall and CPU speeds have actually decreased in the last few years. The industry is reacting with hardware with more cores and software that can leverage "grids" of distributed computing resources. Hadoop is a suite of Open Source APIs at the forefront of this revolution and is considered the gold standard for the divide-and-conquer model of problem crunching. Learn how to use this well-travelled Apache Hadoop framework, leveraged by prominent names such as Yahoo, Amazon, Adobe, AOL, Facebook, Google and Hulu.

GPUs Revving Up to Obliterate the CPU

The computing functionality and horsepower of GPUs has grown over the last few years. So the role of the GPU is rapidly expanding to game tasks beyond rasterization-based graphics. Now GPU computing can be used for solving a variety of problems in game computing including game physics, artificial intelligence, animation, post-processing effects and others. Rev Lebaredian, Director of Engineering in Nvidia, says that as GPUs grow and become more general purpose, more and more of the game is going to be shifting over to the GPU. The final goal is to have the whole game run on the GPU. The Director of Engineering in Nvidia, Rev Lebaredian, says we are not able to depend on the same speed ups that we are getting year after year with traditional CPU architectures. So GPUs will obliterate the CPU.

Can Struts, Spring, jQuery or Seams Dislodge 2009 Winner Microsoft .NET?

Software frameworks provide developers with powerful tools to develop more flexible and less error-prone applications in a more effective way. Here are the shortlisted frameworks selected by Indian developers in a democratic process for the Great Indian Developer Summit Awards.

SAP, IBM and Others Face Oracle's Double Barrel for India 2010 Reporting Tools Glory

Constant development of technology has made the storing and processing of ever growing data volumes considerably cheaper. Therefore the idea of economizing on data volumes has lost its importance for most companies, as even the storing of the 'production' of systems producing thousands of records a day does not bring along considerable costs. On the other hand, growing data volumes call for more efficient reporting and analysis tools. Read on to find out what reporting tools Indian developers prefer.

Game Development Spawns cool Engineers

The computer game and hardware industry is advancing at a rapid pace, both in terms of technical innovation and sales. Nvidia is working towards expanding the market reach for games and to continually advance the state-of-the-art in visual computing. Saltmarch Media spoke to Nvidia's Ashu Rege and Keita Iida about the much awaited release of Nvidia’s Fermi architecture based GPUs. Nvidia's latest graphics card, based on Fermi architecture, is the company's first DirectX 11 graphics card. DirectX 11 is the next generation of graphics technology. Ashu firmly believes the Fermi architecture can truly exploit the possibilities of Direct X 11. Ashu and Keita share their thoughts on optimal Direct X 11 support becoming a deciding factor in terms of GPU sales in the coming years, how Fermi will fare against ATI’s HD5800 series, the most significant result of the AEGIA acquisition and whether modern games getting too dependant on high end hardware. When quizzed on the main skills Indian game developers should equip themselves with to gain a sizable share of the global game development work Ashu says Indian developers should develop a passion for being involved with game development to be truly successful. They should also look at going into high end game development, because what has actually become a critical bottleneck for studios worldwide is talent.

Red Hat Upgrades Middleware Platform with JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.0

Red Hat has updated its middleware portfolio with JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.0 that it says can provide improved web services and cloud integration. The company claims businesses can use JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform to customise the platform deployment to suit their specific needs, including using the entire solution, its individual components and even integrate it with third-party open- and closed-source products and tools. Early adopters of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform cut across a wide swathe of industries including financial services, transportation, telecom, government and entertainment.

Kaspersky, Quest, Atlassian, Microsoft Vie for India's Top Security Honors

Enterprise level security breaches occur far more frequently these days than they used to. Botnets and malwares are getting more complex and robust with each passing day. Here is the list of security tools that Indian Developers have chosen and employed to protect them for cyber threats. Only one will receive the prestigious Developer Summit Awards. Here is your chance to vote.

Blue Frog's Varun Nair Gives Sound a 15 on 10 Rating

Varun Nair has been a part of sound industry for the past four and half years and has dabbled in most areas of sound during this period. He started his career in the music industry and moved onto post production for commercials & feature films. His foray into game sound began after joining Blue Frog in 2008. He expectedly gives sound an importance rating of 15 on a scale of 10 since he believes the effect sound has on a player at the subconscious level cannot be substituted by any other sensory medium. Sound to him is one of the key emotional drivers in an audio-visual media piece across all formats – be it a game, a commercial or a feature film.

Storyboarding Key to Mobile Game Development Lifecycle

Dayanidhi, Vice President - Customer Delivery at Digital Chocolate, is an engineering and management graduate with over 17 years of experience in IT with expertise in delivery management. With the omnipresent swell in the area of mobile games development, Saltmarch Media caught up with Dayanidhi on the sidelines of the India Game Developer Summit 2010.



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