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Friday,October 18,2019



Open Source is Indie Game Developer's Best Friend

Game development is heavily bound by huge capital investments by the game publisher. The term 'Indie' is commonly used in the game industry to represent a small team or an individual who independently develops a commercial-quality video game. Karthik Subramaniam speaks about the pros and cons of being an indie game developer.

What is the Mobile Platform of Choice for India's Software Developers?

India is currently the fastest growing mobile market in the world with over 500 million users. India stands second in the mobile user base worldwide only next to China. Massive deployments of localised VAS and mobile applications are expected in 2010. What platforms do software developers prefer in times like this? Find out at the Great Indian Developer Awards.

Will ASP.NET Stop ColdFusion In its Hat-trick Pursuit at GIDA 2010?

The SaaS revolution has given birth to a myriad of web based applications and tools to develop them. Here’s a look at the tools that Indian developers are most comfortable with.

AJAXify your Applications Using JSF 2.0

JSF 1.x was a pain to use. JSF 2.0, on the other hand, is better in every way -- simpler, more powerful, and with integrated Ajax support. Attend Marty Hall’s session at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 to explore the features that allow JSF developers to Ajaxify their applications with little or no JavaScript programming.

JBoss Fights to Retain Its Title in the Testing Tools Category

Testing is emerging into a healthy industry and an established discipline. The global software testing market is worth USD $13 billion. The number of tools available in the current market can be rather disillusioning. The Great Indian Developer Awards intends to put things into perspective. Here is a look at the final list of nominees in the Testing Tools category.

Aesthetics and End User Focus Key to Game Development Success

Saltmarch Media caught up with Harish for an informal chat on the sidelines of the India Game Developer Summit 2010. Harish Sivaramakrishnan is a computer scientist and a platform evangelist at Adobe Systems with over 10 years of experience working on the Adobe Flash platform. Read on to find out his views on the important aspects of game development and where India stands in the big picture.

CA, Microsoft, IBM and CollabNet Lock Horns in the Change & Configuration Management Tools Category

Enterprise-level Change and Configuration Management Tools have been gaining popularity in recent times but guru’s of this domain say that its all about picking the right tool for the right enterprise. The Indian developer ecosystem has chosen their top 5 tools in this category for the Developer Summit Awards 2010. Read on to find out more.

Drupal Battles Content Management Goliaths at India's Premier Software Developer Awards

The Great Indian Developer Awards – The only democratic definitive award ceremony dedicated to trailblazing technologies, organizations and individuals in the software industry. Here’s a peek into the final list of nominees in the Content Management Tools Category.

Citrix and WebEx Wrestle Microsoft Might in the Collaboration Tools Category at Developer Summit Awards 2010

It has been said that with time either transportation or communication will obliterate the other. In that context collaboration tools are a jewel in communication’s arsenal. Enterprises of today massively depend on collaboration tools to increase productivity, ensure cost savings and mitigate logistical headaches. Citrix, WebEx and Microsoft have found their way into the Indian developer’s workstation and therefore on to the final shortlist of Developer Summit Awards 2010

IBM, Microsoft, Eclipse and Adobe Vie for IDE Glory at India's Premier Software Developer Awards

Microsoft Expression Studio, Adobe Flex Builder, Eclipse, IBM Rational Application Developer and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 make their way to the top as India’s Software Developers passionately vote to choose winners of India’s No. 1 independent software development awards show. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Oracle JDeveloper were winners in this category in 2009 and 2008 respectively.

The Tablet Wars Heats up with iPad, Notion Inks Adam and Google

Tablet PCs have been around for a quite a while but not until the recent release of Apple’s iPad did the industry start considering it a commercially viable product. Naysayers will question the niche a product of this nature is aiming to fill when laptops and netbooks are anything but bulky. There are enough examples from the past, however, to show that products which began their life with a ‘but what is it good for?’ response end up getting the ‘must have’ tag. This brings us to the subject of the contemporary tablet wars. Get a sneak peek into two tablet devices, one by an Indian Company, you should be keep an eye out for in the months to come.



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