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Friday,October 18,2019



Microsoft Stages Comeback to Mobile Game with Windows Phone Series 7

The new platform effectively scraps Windows Mobile 6.x with a completely revamped user interface and more tightly defined integration with devices and networks. This is a clear indication of Microsoft’s intention to start afresh and reclaim the market share that they’ve been consistently losing to Google’s Android, RIM, the iPhone OS and Symbian. It attempts to rectify all that has gone wrong with Microsoft’s previous ventures to gain control in the mobile software universe

Features Coming Up in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010, codenamed Hawaii, is now slated to be released on April 12, 2010, postponed from March 22 as previously announced. Release Candidate versions of Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate have been released to testers. As the world's developer base waits for the official release candidate of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 here is a preview of the latest features.

Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Reliance Compete in Mobile Applications Market

India is the fastest growing mobile market in the world with over 500 million users. It stands second in the mobile user base worldwide behind China. Mobile applications are widely classified under the Value Added Services (VAS) family. With Airtel, Aircel, Idea Cellular and Reliance all announcing plans to launch online mobile application stores VAS becomes an important differentiating factor between network operators as users become spoilt for choice. And helping them in the race are IBM, Infosys and Spice Digital.

Four Key Trends in Game Development

The game industry is advancing at a rapid pace, both in terms of technical innovation and sales. Games have transcended their fundamental role of entertainment and graduated into influential branding tools. What are the trends shaping 2010 to be one of the most interesting and action-packed years in gaming?

Jolicloud Alternative to Google Chrome OS

Netbooks become ubiquitous enough to be used by the mobile business user who needs to work on a presentation on his flight to Bombay or the sales manager who needs to e-mail a memo to his team while being driven to work. As netbooks with minimal processing capabilities and low storage options became the ideal vehicle for getting onto the cloud Google released Chrome to tap the growing netbook user market. Now a 12-man company is set to take on the corporate titan with a competing product - Jolicloud.

Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond

Here are five ways in which social media and social software will evolve to exert its influence on the enterprise. These predictions focus on offerings ranging from team collaboration to dynamic social networking applications that offer rich profiles and activity streams. Specifically, social networking services will replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications, enterprises will use popular social activity streams but with lower penetration, a majority of IT-dominated social media initiatives will fail through 2012, collaboration and communications apps designed on PCs will increasingly imitate similar mobile applications, and enterprises will routinely reduce utilising social network analysis to improve performance and productivity.

Succeeding as an Independent Game Developer

Game development is heavily bound by huge capital investments by the game publisher. The term 'Indie' is commonly used in the game industry to represent a small team or an individual who independently develops a commercial-quality video game. Indie developers cannot match the resources or might of the large producers. So where does that leave a developers who is solely relying on his programming skills and self-determination to create games outside this restrictive relationship?

Can HTML 5 and Flash Co-Exist?

Seventy percent of all Internet games and seventy-five percent of all Internet videos are based on Flash, Adobe's multimedia platform. Yet Steve Jobs' Apple decided that the iPad, which aims to provide the best Web browsing experience will not provide any Flash support. He cited HTML 5 as a better option. Flash and HTML have had a symbiotic existence so far where both depended on each other to deliver high-quality Internet experience. Is this going to change now and will HTML 5 conquer Flash?

How India's Java Developers can Code iPhone Applications with Objective-C

iPhone development is all the rage both in the mobile entertainment, social networking and productivity application spaces. For developers looking for a workaround to Apple's restrictions on using Java for iPhone app development, GIDS' Matthew McCullough is coming to India this summer with the perfect answer -- Objective-C, and integration with RESTful Grails and other popular Java Web Service back-ends

State of Game Development in India

If there is one software sector that India has not yet capitalized on entirely it is the game development domain. This is bound to change as the Indian gaming industry is poised to see two-digit growth in the 2010. The development of technological infrastructure in terms of wide broadband networks, DTH services and the recent introduction of 3G complements the growing gaming industry. The lack of sufficient training has been a deterrent for large gaming studios to outsource to India, however. But all that's set to change now

State of Java Subjects as Oracle Wrests Sun Kingdom

Nine months after Oracle announced the buy-out of Sun Microsystems, the European commission has accepted the merger. Now only approvals from the Russian and Chinese commission remain which Oracle hopes to close very soon. When a company known for monetizing all its assets gains control over the IT world’s life fluid – Java - what are the implications it will have over a Java developer?



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